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Everyone's life is a story worth sharing. It's time to share yours. Memories Preserved is equipped to help you through the entire memoir process.

About Memories Preserved

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When was the last time you actually carved time out of your busy life to write about it? We long to have our voices heard. We yearn to leave a satisfying legacy.

A trusted personal historian can help you not only find your voice, but can get you from blank page to printed book. Your memoir will be savored by a hungry audience, whether it is for your future offspring or for an impressionable trailblazer.

  • Therapeutic

    Writing your memoir is not therapy but it is therapeutic. The spirit of your life is captured, and you are the hero of your life story.

  • Remembrance

    The process of memoir preservation helps you actualize where you have been, where you are now and where you are headed.

  • Learning

    As you look back over your life through memoir, new perspectives and insights are gained. Rough edges soften.

Why Sharing Your Story Matters


Unknown future offspring will long to know your story and how you thrived in the midst of life's difficulties.


Research shows that children who know more about their background are more resilient and can moderate the effects of stress.


You will find your voice, your style and life as your story is written.

Alive & Open

Sharing our stories keep us alive and open. They are the ramparts built against isolation and loneliness.


Helps you re-evaluate how you want to live for your remaining years.


It feels good when someone is excited about your story!

How it Works

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You want to capture memories before they are forgotten but need a little help

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We work out a plan to preserve those memories.

Granddaughter with her grandmother looking at photo album


The memoir process takes place through interviews, edits and writing

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Your memoir is done and preserved to inspire generations!

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  • "The further backward you can look, the farther you can see."

    Winston Churchill

About Lindsey Hulstrom

Lindsey Cameo
Lindsey Hulstrom began Memories Preserved LLC to help people find and keep their voices through writing memoir. Drawing from a quieted spirit, Lindsey delights to touch others with heart-felt insights, a splash of humor and actualizing shared experiences. Infused with a kaleidoscopic background, she earned her BA in History from the University of Idaho while editing the award-winning yearbook, Gem of the Mountains. She understands the fragility of memories as she has worked with people and families who walk the road of dementia and Alzheimer's. She appreciates calling Wisconsin home with her husband and son, always with a really strong cup of coffee. And fresh fried cheese curds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to meet in person?

No, we don't need to meet in person. We can communicate over the phone, skype , email or texting.

When is it okay or best to contact you?

Feel free to reach out anytime via email. I will do my best to reply within 24 hours.

How long does the process usually take?

Writing your life story is an exciting process. Depending on the length, your project can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. The important thing is that it is done well and done right. I am committed to doing both with you.

What should I expect in the end?

You can expect a beautifully written memoir that captures your story for generations to come. Your memoir may include photos, recipes, documents and your own written stories.

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Everyone's life is a story worth sharing. It's time to share yours.

Personal Historian Services
  • Lindsey Hulstrom
  • Creative Consultant | B.A. History
  • Email: lindsey@memoriespreserved.net
  • Location: Edgerton, WI *Traveling in surrounding area is available.

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